Adam Mandel is a world renowned integrative wellness educator, lecturer and practitioner. Adam has graduated 1000’s of students into the field of integrative medicine, served as the personal therapist to the crown families of Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and most recently returned to North America after an amazing 3 years of working in China.  In China, it was Adam's fortune to lead the team working with the Chinese Olympic athletes for the three months up to and throughout the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Adam then accepted a position as lead therapist and technical director for GreenLong Health China. Working with GreenLong Health for 3 years, Adam designed and managed corporate contracts with The Development Bank of China, Provincial Sport Authorities and Federal Government Ministry Bureaus designing China’s new health care policies at both Private and National Hospitals.   Adam's vast experience as a teacher and practitioner has combined to steer Adam in wonderful new directions.  With the dawn of 2013 upon us, like many others, Adam has heard the calling of the heart. He is now more than ever committed to understanding the needs of integrative wellness practitioners around the world by promoting, engineering and creating essential tools which clients, practitioners and our industry require for the future development of mainstream integrative holistic medicine.

  • Private Mentorship:  $250/hour In-Person  $150/hour Phone or Skype
  • Private Session:  $250/hour In-Person  $150/hour Distance

Client Testimonial
"After almost 15 years of world class competition, the one thing I realized that made all the difference in my career was world class coaching.  It took me almost 12 years to find the best coach in the world. and the results were night and day.
I have been using the Indigo for 6 months now, and I learned more in a one hour skype session with Adam than I learned in the past 6 months. I would say it is more than worth the price.
Thanks Adam."