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So good to finally get some classes ever. Can't wait for more from Adam Mandel. I finally have confidence in what I am doing, knowing how really powerful this can be. So interesting, didn't want to miss a word of it.
Judy Race
“Adam has surely opened my eyes to new ways of addressing Stress using the INDIGO Biofeedback system. He teaches with a confidence that only comes with real experience, which commands respect and admiration. The Quantum Clarity seminar is a must for any Biofeedback practitioner who wants to excel in their practice and deepen their understanding”….Anthony L
"I enjoyed the course with Adam soooo much. The changes that I will be implementing from Adam's course will be life altering for fear and taking much less stress for me during each session. No more assessing during therapies, yeh!"
Patti Johnson
"The Clarity Tour seminar was just that....clarity to a lot of questions and concerns I had. I found Adam to be engaging, patient, very articulate and funny. Never a dull moment in his class, hours just flew by with him and I learned a lot. His personality, experience and knowledge was an inspiration and I feel I gained a lot by attending his class. If/when he will come back to Toronto to lecture, I will definitely attend again. Thanks Adam!"
Csilla Rouessart
"In all the years and the many many training sessions I have attended, this one is on the top of my list. The clarity and exact format for assessing our clients along with the additional software is something that will enable me to move forward with my clients. My clients will be the ones who will benefit from this additional knowledge that Adam taught. Thank you Thank you Thank you
Love and Gratitude"
Patricia Beaumont
"Thank you for sharing with us your experiences, knowledge and your friendship. The course was outstanding. You are an excellent teacher. ..and we can keep growing as biofeedback users and people." Ana Mary P.
"Last weekend was extraordinary...very extensive training. I highly recommend it". Brenda P.
My daughter and I were more than pleased to have Adam with us. He is really amazing and we have learned more in 3 days than in 5 years.

Patricia Millan

The 3 day event was packed with great training, in-depth information and insights that will enable each of us to be better practitioners. The Quantum Clarity Report is a great tool that will facilitate the education we aim to provide to our clients in helping them to learn and understand their body. Thank you for bringing this tool and your amazing knowledge of our technology to each of us.
Looking forward to the future...

Thanks again!

Mahrukh Campbell

After almost 15 years of world class competition, the one thing I realized that made all the difference in my career was world class coaching. It took me almost 12 years to find the best coach in the world. and the results were night and day.
I have been using the Indigo for 6 months now, and I learned more in a one hour skype session with Adam than I learned in the past 6 months. I would say it is more than worth the price.
Thanks Adam.